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Adding Blog Posts Sidebar To Your Wix Website Showing The Trending Or Featured Posts

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Ever wondered how to add a sidebar on your Wix Website which shows your trending, featured or recent posts like the ones you see on the popular blogging or news Website?

Look no further as I am going to share an easy tutorial on how to create it yourself on your Wix Website like the one of this website.

This not only will increase your website earnings with ad networks like Google AdSense on Wix blogs but also make your website rankings high on search engines as explained below.

What is a sidebar in a website?

You must have seen the popular blogging ( tech, fashion, creative etc) and news websites displaying the related posts or the trending posts in the right sidebar of their websites which shows you the relevant content and you cannot resist yourself to not check the other blogs on their websites.

The sidebar usually contains the posts with headings such as Popular posts, Related Posts, Recent Posts, Featured Posts, sponsored content, Marketing Ads, Subscribe forms among various other stuff which you can put into it.

Importance of sidebar on your website

You might have succeeded in listing your website page on the top pages of Google search results by improving your website's SEO settings, however it will not convert into high earnings if your website visitors just visit one page to get the information and leave your website to never come back.

  • Having a sidebar containing your website's related content for the users landing on a particular page keeps him engaged by displaying to him other relevant content as he will most likely spend more time on your website than leaving after just reading a single page.

  • This will help reduce your website's bounce rate significantly, which in turn will improve the conversion rates for the various ads placed on your blogs.

  • In addition, you will not only get the returning users on your website but can also get more users to subscribe to your blogs and become the recipient of your mail newsletters.

Every popular website uses the sidebar design to keep the visitors stick to their website.

Wix Blog posts default page design

The default layout on the Wix Blog post page comes with the recent posts and related posts feed at the bottom of the posts, which might be more important for mobile users.

However, think of how many times you have visited a website blog to read a story on your desktop or to find a solution to your problem and have left the page without reading the full blog since you might have got the solution in mid way or you would have found the blog content not appealing to you. Now, think of a blog that features some of their other best posts on the right hand side of the page which diverts your attention and instead of leaving the website, you just click on the other interesting post to have a look.

So, as I emphasised earlier the sidebar keeps your users engaged and make them stick to your website.

How to add a sidebar on a Wix website?

Any posts category or featured posts sidebar:

Wix has released the sidebar post list in 2021 which you can use directly to place it on any of your website page. Follow the below step by step instructions:

  1. Open your Wix website's dashboard and click on "Edit site".

  2. This will open up the Wix ADI and from there click on pages on the left and select the Blog pages and then Post.

  3. Once you are in posts page, click on "+" icon and Blogs, and then select any of the posts(sidebar) as shown below.

navigate to wix blog posts page

Wix add posts sidebar

You can select out of multiple posts sidebar suitable for your website, which you can further customize in terms of design and display. It gives you an option to display only the featured posts or the posts of specific category.

Related posts sidebar:

If you don't have a specific niche website and your website covers the broad range of topics, the featured posts list or specific category posts lists sidebar will not be interesting for your website users since those sidebars will only display a specific set of posts to your users.

For example, if you write the technical and cooking blogs, your cooking audience will be least interested in your technical blogs.

So you would want to display the related blog posts only to your website users based on the current post that they are reading.

The related posts sidebar can be created by using a simple Wix Velo code on your website.

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