Add Related Blog Posts Feed On Your Wix Blog Page In 6 Simple Steps

If you are reading this blog, I am sure you must be a Wix website builder user or might be planning to start a blog website hosted on Wix and would be curious to find out on how to create a sidebar on the post page which will list the related posts to your current page content that should keep your website visitors engaged on your website.

Wix blogs have improved a lot recently in terms of the addition of various blog feeds layout and the customizations available for users to adapt to their website layout and design, however they yet don't have the Related Blog posts feed layout which can display the related blog feeds based on the content of the current blog which your website visitor is reading. You can achieve the related blog posts feed by implementing a code created in Corvid (Wix application platform) by Wix.

Importance of Related Posts feed on your Blog page

The related posts feed on your web page not only keeps your website visitors engaged but also increase your website earnings to a great extent by decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

This is particularly important for a blogger who writes blogs on various unrelated categories.

For example, a blogger who writes blogs on technology and cooking. The website visitors reading the cooking blogs are not interested in navigating through the technology blogs and vice versa, however if you are a blogger writing a niche blog on a specific category then you can also create a sidebar simply by using the Wix blog feed containing a particular category.

  • Related Blog posts feed keep your users engaged and increase their interest in your website, as a result you get more returning users.

  • The related blogs clicks will reduce your website bounce rate in google analytics which will also improve the conversion rates of the google ads placed on your website.

  • Your website will also get high ranking on google search console and as a result you can achieve great Wix website monetization results through organic traffic.

How to create Related Blog Posts feed on Wix using Corvid by Wix?

This can be achieved by opening your Wix website in Wix editor and pasting a simple corvid code and a Wix repeater element in the blog post page which will show the posts by looking for the same hashtags on all your posts as on the current post page.

Overview of steps to create Related blog posts feed:

  1. You open your website in the Wix editor and navigate to Blog Post Page.

  2. Add a text element containing text as "Related Posts".

  3. Add a repeater element and place it at the required position.

  4. Paste the Corvid code in code section of your Wix post page.

  5. Customize the repeater containers according to your website layout.

  6. Add hashtags to your Wix blog posts.

The resulting Related blog posts feed (as you can see on the right hand side of this page) will contain all the related posts to this post and will not have the current post in that feed.

Check out the below video for the step by step guide.

If you are unable to do it yourself and find any challenges, you can contact us and submit your query.

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