Display Google Ads in Wix Blog Posts- How To Add Google Adsense Code?

We have recently created a blogging website on Wix and got our Google Adsense activated. Though we were able to place the Google ads on our website pages by adding Google Adsense app developed by Wix, but the app doesn't work in the Wix Blog posts.

After an initial struggle and some research, we finally got successful in placing the Google Adsense code in the Wix Blogs by modifying the code snippet, as suggested by Wix in one of the recent fixes.

I have been part of the various online Forums including Google and Wix where bloggers have expressed the concern that they are not able to place the Google Ads in their blogs, so I thought of writing a blog having the step by step process of placing the Google Adsense code in the Wix blogs.

You must have fulfilled the below pre-requisites before implementing the steps mentioned in this article.

1. You have a Google Adsense account.

2. You have verified your Wix website with Google.

3. Your Google Adsense account is already activated.

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Step 1 : Create a new Ad unit in Google Adsense

1. Select recommended Ad unit for Wix Blog posts

Go to Ads Overview in your Google Adsense account and select "BY AD UNIT" and then click on "Display ads"

2. Design the Ad Unit

You will get the below default page after clicking on "Display ads" mentioned in point 1.

Fill in the below fields for the ad unit:

a) Name your ad unit - I selected the name as "Wix ads blog mid" for this blog post, you can write anything relevant for your website/blog.

b) Select ad size as Fixed from the drop-down.

c) Select width and height of your display ad unit - I selected Ad size of width 336 and height 280 for this blog post, you can change it for your posts and can also preview the Example ad on the left side of the page as shown below.

3. Copy the generated Google Adsense code snippet in a notepad

Once you click on CREATE in the above screen, it will generate an automated code snippet similar to the one shown below

Click on "Copy code snippet" and paste it on a notepad file.

Step 2 : Modify the Google adsense code snippet for Wix Blog post

Add the line data-page-url="https://www.<domain>.com/" in the Google Adsense code snippet manually

For example, I have added www.blogapt.com for our website as shown below.

Step 3 : Place the modified Adsense code in the Wix Blog post

You are now all set to place display the Google ads in the Wix Blog post by clicking on html icon </> at the bottom of your post.

Then click on Add html or URL sign shown below

Now, In HTML code, paste the modified snippet for Step 2 and click on Update

See the below Google Ad in this blog post , which I just created for you while writing this blog and all the screenshots in this Wix blog were taken while creating the below Google ad unit :)

DO NOT enable the amp version of the Wix Blog since Wix currently doesn't support the Google Adsense AMP code snippet and hence you will not be able to display the Google Ads in your Wix Blogs

You can watch this video tutorial for step by step instructions to add google AdSense on your Wix blogs.

Do like this post if it helped you and comment at bottom of this page for any feedback/queries.

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