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Ultimate Bluetooth Adapters To Connect Non-Bluetooth Audio Devices

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

If you have thought of replacing your non-Bluetooth electronics with the latest Bluetooth enabled devices while working from home, exercising at home or while partying with your family at friends, I am going to share some ultimate Bluetooth adapters in this article which will convert your non-Bluetooth devices to a Bluetooth device without a need for you to spend money on the latest Bluetooth gadgets for below purposes:

  • Buying a new smart TV to connect your Bluetooth headphones so that you can exercise or watch movies without disturbing your other family members.

  • Replacing your old computer/laptop with new Bluetooth enabled computer/laptop.

  • Buying a new Smart phone to play music on multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

  • Replacing your old high definition speakers with new Bluetooth speaker.

  • Replacing your old favourite iPod, CD player, MP3 with the latest gadgets.

  • Changing your old car original CD player with the latest Bluetooth ones.

So go wireless and enjoy your favourite music and shows without disturbing others.

How to transform your Non-Bluetooth Products to Bluetooth gadgets ?

If you don't want to spend the hefty amount on the latest Bluetooth enabled electronics while your existing electronic gadgets are working fine without any problems, you will just need to buy the Bluetooth device having transmitter and receiver functionality to enable Bluetooth on your non-Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Transmitter:

Bluetooth devices containing the transmitter can be plugged in to your products from which you want to transmit the audio like Television, Computer, Laptop, CD player, iPod, phone, gaming console or any other audio device

Bluetooth Receiver:

You need to plugin the devices having Bluetooth receiver to the products on which you want to hear the audio on, which would be the speakers or your wired earphones.

The latest devices in the market today contain both the Bluetooth transmitter and receiver functionalities.

Which Bluetooth transmitter and receiver device should you buy?

You would need to choose the device based on the below criteria and your needs.

  1. The connectivity method of the device , for example Aux, USB, optical or RCA.

  2. The range of the device e.g. 10 metres, 30 metres, 50 metres or more.

  3. The charging method might be relevant to you.

  4. Display or the ease of pairing the device.

  5. The latency of the device, for example low latency to eliminate lip sync delay from videos.

  6. One-to-multiple pair simultaneously, for example playing music on multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously.

  7. The most important of all is the price of course.

I would strongly recommend checking the detailed description, Frequently asked questions and the customer feedback for these products before buying.

I have listed down the below popular products which will serve mostly all the above purposes for you. In case the product is not available at your location, I have provided the similar product with higher ratings.

Aisidra V5.0 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

  • This is the Amazon's choice Bluetooth transmitter and receiver.

  • #1 Bestseller on Amazon in Audio component receivers

  • Launched recently in 2021

  • Supports dual audio which means you can connect it with 2 Bluetooth devices.

  • High rating by customers.

Trond Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter & Receiver

  • Low latency transmission.

  • RCA and AUX connectivity for transmission.

  • Both transmitter and receiver.

  • 10m range.

  • Supports connecting 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

  • Cheapest of all.

Nulaxy In-car Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter

  • Bluetooth transmitter for car with big LCD display.

  • High Quality Music Streaming.

  • Hands-free calls.

  • Cheap adapter to convert your old Car CD system to Bluetooth for pairing with your phone.

1 Comment

May 09, 2022

Do I always need both a receiver and adaptor for Bluetooth to work? Or can I just plug an adaptor into my speaker and it will become detectable by all my Bluetooth enabled devices? At the moment, I have a transmitter and receiver and my speaker won't pair with any other device other than the one (in this case my laptop) that has the dongle plugged into.

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