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Dual Audio On Samsung Galaxy After Android 10 Update - Play Music On 2 Bluetooth Devices

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Samsung has organized all of the dual audio related settings in the Media panel starting from UI 2.0 on Android 10 and continuing it in One UI 3.0 update on Android 11.

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In this article:

Which Samsung phones have the Dual Audio feature?

Only android phones on Bluetooth 5.0 are compatible to play music on multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. We are aware of only below Samsung phones till date which supports connectivity to 2 Bluetooth devices at once. This list might change with the One UI update on other Samsung phones which are not in the below list yet.

How to connect your Samsung Phone with two Bluetooth Speakers?

The steps below will enable the dual audio on your Samsung phone to listen music on 2 Bluetooth speakers or headphones simultaneously. I have used my Samsung Galaxy S10+ to connect to 2 Bluetooth headphones - Jabra Elite 75t Active and the Apple AirPods Pro.


1. Switch on the Bluetooth on your Android phone

Open the notification panel of your Samsung Galaxy phone by swiping from top to bottom on your phone screen and switch on the Bluetooth.

2. Pair the first Bluetooth device

My first pair of Bluetooth headphones is Jabra Elite Active 75t, they pair automatically with my phone as soon as I remove them from their charging case.

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3. Connect your second Bluetooth device

The second pair of Bluetooth headphones I connected with my phone was Apple AirPods Pro, they also get connected to my Samsung Galaxy phone automatically after taking them out of their charging case.

As you can see above, my Samsung phone is now connected to 2 Bluetooth headphones, however the audio only plays on one of the two Bluetooth devices by default.

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4. Select both Bluetooth devices in Samsung Media

Access your phone's Media feature through Quick Panel of your Samsung Galaxy phone. Just Swipe down your phone screen from top to bottom to access Quick Panel.

If you do not see the Media and Devices in Quick Panel of your Samsung Galaxy phone, enable it by following this article.

Select the second Bluetooth device in Media screen as shown above and you can control each Bluetooth device separately as shown below.

Are you still unable to play music on 2 Bluetooth speakers? Check the troubleshooting steps below for dual audio.


Troubleshooting steps for enabling Dual Audio:

  1. Is your Samsung phone listed in the dual audio feature compatible phones list?

  2. If yes, try updating the Media and Devices application on your Samsung phone.

  3. If your phone is not in compatible list, you can check the available Bluetooth transmitters and receivers in the market to enable this feature if compatible with your phone.

Explore Bluetooth automations with Samsung Bixby

Samsung Bixby can now automate and enhance your media experience while watching the videos and listening the music on your Bluetooth speakers and headphones. Head on to the Bixby routines settings on your phone and explore the media experience suggested routines by Samsung on the Discover page as below.

These routines will provide the best settings for streaming video, music playlist, reading and Separate app sound , which can be activated in a click.

However, to experience the best from the Bluetooth music devices we have created the below Bixby routines which will play the music on your speakers and Headphones automatically without even touching your Samsung phone:

  1. Playing Music automatically on the Bluetooth headphone as soon as it is started.

  2. Drive hands free with automatic start of music on your Car speakers.

Bixby routines unfortunately do not have the automation to start music on 2 Bluetooth devices but we expect this to be happening soon if Samsung includes the Media panel in the Bixby capsules.


Robert Grohs
Robert Grohs
Jul 11, 2023

Dual pairing not supported on my A7 tablet, any recommendations?


Jan 12, 2022

"Bixby routines unfortunately do not have the automation to start music on 2 Bluetooth devices..."

It's too bad, this is precisely what I was looking for, to be able to play Spotify on both my helmet's Bluetooth and my motorcycle's head unit. At this point I can do it manually, but if I somehow forget to do it ahead of time, it's too dangerous to make the change while riding already. Yes I know I can stop and activate it, but I'm usually riding with other bikes and I don't want to stop the group just to activate the settings. I already use Bixby to start Spotify and Google Maps. Ideally, I would love to play the Google maps vo…

Apr 03, 2022
Replying to

Figured anything out yet? I have the exact same problem on my bike.


May 10, 2021

Thank you.

You have provided a lot of information, but for me, what I needed most was one simple thing....

.....on pull-down menu...

tap >Media

Use this tool to specify 2 speakers to connect to simultaneously.



Hi Hasan,

Samsung A series is not yet supported for dual audio output. This has been only released by Samsung for the flagship phones till date.


Hasan Tai
Hasan Tai
Oct 29, 2020

My phone (Samsung A10e) runs Android 10 2.0 UI (with Bluetooth 5.0) and yet when I connect to two devices, only one of them gets an audio output. There are no checkboxes when I go to media under audio output. I can connect 2 Bluetooth earbuds successfully but it won't allow me to output the audio to both of them, only one. Any clue as to why?

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