Dual Audio On Samsung Galaxy After Android 10 Update - Play Music On 2 Bluetooth Devices

If you have recently updated your Samsung Galaxy phone with Android 10 based One UI 2.0, you might be struggling to play music from your Samsung Galaxy phone on multiple Bluetooth headphones or Speakers simultaneously as the Samsung has removed the Dual Audio feature with Android 10(Q) update and has replaced it with Samsung's Media and Devices App.

The Samsung Media and devices App is available in your Samsung Galaxy Quick Panel layout and is easily accessible now in One UI 2.0 as compared to the Dual Audio Feature present in the One UI 1.0 on previous Android versions.

Samsung Dual Audio feature is replaced by Media and Devices app on Android 10 in below Samsung Galaxy devices.

  • Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra

  • Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra

  • Galaxy Note10/10+

  • Galaxy Z Flip

  • Tab S6

  • GalaxyS10e, S10 & 10+

  • Note9

  • S9 & S9+

  • Tab S4

  • Note8

  • S8 & S8+

The Dual Audio feature is not limited to above Samsung devices and other phones might get this feature in future with Android 10 update depending on the country models.

You can enable Media and Devices in Quick Panel of your Samsung Galaxy phone by following this step by step video

I would highly recommend to update your Samsung Galaxy media and devices feature first as it contains the Samsung's latest fixes for any bugs in connectivity.

Follow the below Quick step-by-step guide to listen to music on 2 Bluetooth speakers simultaneously. We have used the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for the below example:

1. Switch On the Bluetooth on your Phone

Open the notification panel of your Samsung Galaxy phone by swiping from top to bottom on your phone screen and switch on the Bluetooth.

2. Connect the first Bluetooth device

I am going to play music on 2 Bluetooth headphones from Samsung Galaxy S10+ , the first one is the Jabra Elite Active 75t which I use for my daily commute, running and while doing exercises in my gym.

Jabra Elite Active 75t are designed for the perfect and the best fit for your ears as compared to its other competitors like Apple Airpods Pro, Bose SoundSport and Beats Powerbeats pro. They are also sweatproof and waterproof with IP57 rating which places them on top of the list of sports true wireless earbuds.

I have been using it for almost a year now and can say that no earbuds match its perfect fit and the bass quality of these headphones. You can fully customize the sound and update the firmware on these earbuds with the Jabra Sound+ app installed on your phone.

They pair with my phone automatically as soon as I remove them from the charging case.

3. Connect your second Bluetooth device

Now, I will pair my Dad's Apple AirPods Pro by opening its charging case. We both go for long walks sometimes and we both listen to the same songs by pairing mine and his earbuds with my phone.

My Dad is a fan of Apple products and has been using the Apple products since Apple IPhone 6. We always have a difference of opinion on the features of Apple AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite Active 75t similar to the argument over Android and IOS :) but I cannot deny the fact that Apple AirPods Pro are the true class premium wireless earbuds which works magically with Apple IPhone and I truly love its interface.

Apple AirPods Pro require a manual setup initially for Android phones but once that is done, it also pairs with my Samsung Galaxy phone as soon as I open the AirPods Pro charging case.

My phone is now connected to 2 Bluetooth headphones, however media will only play on one of the two Bluetooth devices by default.

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4. Playing media on 2 Bluetooth headphones after pairing

You can now play the media on second Bluetooth device by using the Samsung's Media feature in Android 10 based One UI 2.0, which is accessible through Notification panel of your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Select the second Bluetooth device in Media screen

You will be able to listen the same songs on 2 Bluetooth headphones or speakers now.

If you face any issues while connecting your devices, do let us know in the comments and we will help you out.

You can also check this Video for the things in action on different set of headphones which I had used earlier.

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