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Early Black Friday deals On LG, Samsung and Sony TVs

The November is the best month to shop around for the electronics products as the Black Friday deals generally starts towards the end of this month, but the good news is that all the top companies have started the Black Friday deals on their products early this year and have been running the deals all over the November month in 2021.

We are updating the Black Friday deals on the best television sets available in the market.

Grab these best Black Friday deals on test top smart television sets by Samsung, LG and Sony.

1. Sony 4k Ultra TVs

Sony TVs below range from 50 inches to 85 inches and are on upto 28% discount which is the best ever Black Friday deal on the Sony TVs.

The 4K Ultra TVs by Sony has the refresh rate of 120 Hz with a clear and crisp picture quality thanks to its powerful X1 4k HDR processor.

They are also the Amazon's choice among the LED and LCD tv category.

Sony X85J 85 Inch TV: Just $1998 now

Sony X85J 75 Inch TV : Just $1298 now

Sony X85J 65 Inch TV: Just $998 now

2. LG OLED 4K Smart TVs

LG C1 series smart TVs stands out among all the smart TVs as one the best OLED television. It is powered by LG a9 processor which not only provides the amazing 4K picture quality but also the perfect sound adjustment. This is the TV best optimized for the gaming experience. It also comes with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa.

LG has provided the best deals on the C1 series of their OLED TVs

LG OLED C1 series 77" TV: 24% off

LG OLED C1 series 65" TV: 28% discount

LG OLED C1 series 55" TV: Just $1296

3. LG NanoCell Smart TVs

If you want to save your budget and still wants to enjoy the 4K picture quality, no one can beat the LG NanoCell technology which uses nanoparticles to filter and refine picture colour.

It is equipped with quad core processor and also has the game optimizer for the detailed picture quality.

It is most cheapest 4K Smart TV Black Friday deals in our list

LG NanoCell 75 Series 65": Only $726

LG NanoCell 75 Series 55 inch TV: Only $597 now

LG NanoCell 43 inch UHD TV: Just $447 now

4. Samsung QLED TVs

Samsung's innovative QLED technology is in direct competition with LG OLED TVs. The QLED TV produce 100% colour volume. The Samsung smart TVs also come with built-in Alexa. You can now enjoy upto 30% off on Samsung 4K UHD Dual LED Smart TVs.

Samsung 65-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series: Only $848 now

Samsung 60-Inch Class QLED Q60A: Only $798 now


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