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Samsung Bixby Can prepare you for a Good Night Sleep

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Do you always promise yourself every night that you are going to sleep early from next day and this keeps on going and going :) ?

While there are numerous automations that you can do in your smartphone today, one of the must do automation on your phone is preparing your phone settings before going to bed.

I recommend the 2 useful routines (discussed below) which you should set on your Samsung phone through Bixby to get a good night sleep but before that access the Bixby routines as below:

How to access and set the Bixby routines on Samsung Phone?

Go to Phone Settings -> Advanced Features

Click on Bixby Routines

You will land on the Discover page of the Bixby routines like below:

This page lists all the pre-defined Bixby routines by Samsung which are most used by the users around the world and can be set quickly on your phone with pre settings.

Useful Bedtime Bixby Routines:

Unwind Before Bed:

This routine is present in the Adaptive routines by name of "Before Bed". Access this by clicking on View more at bottom of Adaptive routines like below

This routine will have the pre-defined settings as below

"Before Bed" condition in this routine is automatically detected by Samsung Bixby according to your previous sleep pattern and the phone usage pattern at night. This is strangely accurate and you must try this. If you are suspicious of the Bixby intelligence, you can remove the Before Bed condition and set the particular time for this

Once you save this routine, Samsung Bixby will do the below automatically before you going to Bed

  1. It will mute your phone sound.

  2. Turn on the Eye Comfort shield to protect your eyes from Blue light at night.

  3. Set the brightness of your phone display to 40%.

  4. Turn on the Dark mode with the black background.

  5. And play the Sleep playlist on the Spotify app (if you have installed it)

According to Samsung, these are optimal settings for your unwind time before going to bed which not only relax you but also keep the minimum stress on your eyes.

If you don't see this routine in Adaptive routine of the Samsung Bixby routines screen in your phone, scroll down at the bottom of the Discover screen and see if this routine is mentioned in the Bixby recommended routines like below:

Click on this and you will get the guided steps to set this routine step by step.

If in case you are unable to see this pre-defined routine in your Samsung Bixby routines page, you can set it manually with the your preferred settings in the Add Routine tab like below by setting the time or with Before Bed input in If condition:

Read More On Bixby:

Save Battery at Night:

This is another useful pre-defined routine by Samsung Bixby which can be set from the Adaptive routines as explained above.

This routine (once saved) will start running once your phone automatically detects that you are sleeping while your phone is not in charging status.

This routine will perform the below actions:

  1. Switch on the power saving mode to save the battery of your phone.

  2. Mute the phone volume and put your phone in Vibrate status to not disturb you while sleeping.

As mentioned above if you don't see this pre-defined routine in the Discover Adaptive routines, you can create the customized Bixby routines in the Add Routine tab

How to check which Bixby routines are saved and running?

If you are not sure which routines you have enabled on your phone and want to check their settings and status, you can check them in the My routines tab of the Samsung Bixby Routines screen like below:

You can see that the activated routines are bright while the deactivated routines will be in grey status.

I wish you a good night with a sound sleep :)


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