How to Use Samsung Bixby Routine For Driving - Play Music Automatically On Car Bluetooth

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone which supports the Samsung Bixby, you own one of the best AI powered app which you can customise at various levels according to your needs.

One of the major challenges in today's scenario is driving a Car without getting distracted by your smartphone. You listen to music through your smartphone's Bluetooth, receive calls, want to respond to texts and get distracted by lot of app notifications on your phone.

Now you can set the Bixby routines on your Samsung phones to respond automatically to certain scenarios as soon as your phone is connected to your Car Bluetooth. So you can now drive hands free without any need to touch your phone manually to do any of the above tasks as Samsung Bixby will take care of this for you.

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Samsung Bixby Driving Routine:

Samsung has provided a pre-set driving routine which can be activated to enable the below settings automatically once your phone is connected to your Car's Bluetooth. The default settings enabled in this routine are set for almost no interaction with phone while driving without any compromise of missing any notifications or listening to your favourite tracks while driving your car.

Bixby Voice wake-up : ON

Your phone will listen to your voice commands when you say "Hi Bixby" while driving

Dolby Atmos : ON

Dolby Atoms settings will be switched on for Audio (based on testing in Samsung Galaxy S10+)

Screen Orientation: Auto rotate

Your screen will auto rotate based on the position in which phone is placed

Read Notifications aloud : Messages

Your phone will read aloud any messages received while driving. You can also customize this setting to read the text of any other apps as well.

Change Lock screen shortcuts:

Your phone lock screen will have left shortcut as Maps and right shortcut as Google Play music by default. Again, this can also be customised.

Play Music: Google Play Music

You can also set it up to play music on any other app like Spotify or Amazon Prime Music

Unlock Phone : ON

Your phone will be always unlocked while driving.

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How To Enable Samsung Bixby Routine For Driving?

Follow the below step by step screenshots to enable it on below Samsung Galaxy phones which currently supports Bixby

  • Galaxy Z Flip

  • Galaxy S20 range

  • Galaxy Fold 5G

  • Galaxy Note10 range

  • Galaxy S10,S10+,S10e

  • Galaxy S9, S9+

  • Galaxy S8, S8+

  • Galaxy Note9

  • Galaxy A90 5G

  • Galaxy A80

  • Galaxy A71

  • Galaxy A70

  • Galaxy A51

  • Galaxy A50

  • Galaxy A7 (2018)

  • Galaxy A9 (2018)

  • Galaxy J7+ (2017)

  • Galaxy J6 (2018)

  • Galaxy J6+ (2018)

Access your Phone settings

Click on Advanced Features

Switch On Bixby Routines and Click on it

Select Driving Routines in "Discover" tab as shown below

Click on IF and select your Car Bluetooth

Click on Next

Click on Done if you are fine with default settings, else you also customise these settings as explained above.

You will see the Driving routine visible in "My routines" tab. This will be in status Not running.

As soon as you sit in your Car with car Bluetooth On and once your phone is paired with your car Bluetooth , you will see this routine in running status and following will happen:

1. Your Samsung phone will play music automatically on Spotify or Google Play music (app set in your phone).

2. Your phone remains unlocked.

3. Any messages received will be read aloud.

4. You can interact with your phone hands free by saying "Hi Bixby"

Enjoy your favourite music playlists while driving without any interaction with your phone :)

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