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Put your Bluetooth earbuds in your ear and enjoy music without touching your phone

Walk and Run with automatic start of music on your Bluetooth devices with Samsung Bixby and Apple Shortcuts
Samsung Bixby and Apple Shortcuts let you play music automatically on your Bluetooth Devices

Do you need go through the below steps while walking or running to play music on your Bluetooth headphones?

Or while hosting party at your home do you need to touch your phone with your oily hands while eating to play music on your Bluetooth speakers?

No need to stop your flow with these Samsung Bixby and Apple Shortcuts routine, you can now skip the below multiple steps

  • No need to look at your phone to unlock it and touch it.

  • No need to open the music app and then select the song to play on your Bluetooth device.

Your phone will play the songs automatically on your Bluetooth devices as soon as they are paired automatically with your phone.

I am going to provide you the step by step guide below to configure the automation for this using Bixby routine on Samsung phone and Shortcuts on Apple iPhone.

Using Bixby On Samsung Phones

The Bixby routines are based on the If (conditions) and Then (Actions) algorithms.

Access the Bixby routines in the Advanced features of your Samsung phone settings

Click On Add routine and then in the next screen click on the If box and then click on Bluetooth device as shown below.

Select the Connected and click on Device to select the Bluetooth device from the paired list of Bluetooth devices on your phone.

You can select your Bluetooth device from the list

Click on Done and it will save the Bluetooth device in If condition. Now click on Then

Select Music icon in the Then screen

It will take you to below screen

  • Play music option let you select one of the music apps on your phone ( for example Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Samsung Music)

  • Spotify playlists let you select your favourite Spotify playlist which can be played directly on your Bluetooth device by the automation. Of course, you will need to have Spotify installed on your phone for this.

Once selected, click on Next and give this routine a name (like "JBL music" for example) and click on Done.

Bixby will activate this routine and play the music from your selected app on your Bluetooth headphones as soon as they are paired

Do you know you can play music on 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with Samsung Dual Audio feature.


Using Shortcuts on Apple iPhone

The Apple Shortcuts automations are based on the When (conditions) and Do (Actions) algorithms.

Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone

Select Automation as shown below

Select Bluetooth in When Condition and on next screen select your Bluetooth Device, I have selected Apple AirPods Pro.

In the Actions screen, select Media and then in the Music section of next screen, click on Play Music

Your automation will look like below in Shortcuts once configured, click on Done.

All set, as soon as your AirPods are connected to the iPhone, you will get the notification to run the shortcut. Select run and you will see the music starts playing.

Apple Shortcuts compared to Samsung Bixby for this Automation:

  1. Apple Shortcuts do not have Spotify integration so you only have the option of the music playing from Apple Music on for this automation , which means you will need to have Apple Music Subscription.

  2. Shortcuts do not start the automation automatically once your Bluetooth device is connected, it give you a pop up to run it manually so you still have to unlock your iPhone and click on Run , while Samsung Bixby does it totally hands free.

Recommendations for this Automation

You can configure various playlists for your different Bluetooth devices depending on their usage with this automation. Bixby routines does it flawlessly for me as it has the advantage of the integration with the Spotify playlists.

Workout routine:

I have created a Bixby routine called Workout which plays the Spotify workout playlist on my Bluetooth earbuds Jabra Elite Active 75t as soon as I put them in my ears.

Spotify workout routine bixby
Workout routine for running and gym

House party:

You can create a routine for your home Bluetooth soundbar or portable speaker which can play a specific playlist for you. For example, I have selected Spotify playlist Top 50 - Global to play on my JBL speakers as soon as they are switched on.

Bixby routine for your home Bluetooth speakers
Playlist for house Bluetooth speakers

You can explore further Bixby automations in the articles below and save your time, data and keep yourself on track.

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