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Play Music Automatically From Your Phone On Bluetooth - Automations

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Do you always need to take out your phone while walking or running to play music on your Bluetooth headphones or do you need to pair it manually with your Bluetooth speakers while hosting a party

Starting from 2021, most of the Android and iOS phones have the automations to pair your phone and play music on the Bluetooth devices automatically and you don't need to perform the below actions for it.

  • No need to look at your phone to unlock it and then touch it.

  • No need to open the music app and then select the song to play on your Bluetooth device.

You can use Samsung Bixby routines on your Samsung phones or Shortcuts on the Apple phones to perform these automations.

I am going to provide you the step by step guide to let your Apple or Samsung phones play music on any music app (including Spotify) automatically when connected with Bluetooth devices.

Play music on Bluetooth headphones automatically using Samsung Bixby and Apple Shortcuts
Android and Apple phones play music automatically on Bluetooth headphones

In this article:

Play music using Bixby On Samsung phones

Samsung Bixby is the most advanced virtual assistant ever on any Android phone

The Bixby routines are based on the If (conditions) and Then (Actions) algorithms.

1. Access the Bixby routines

Go to the Advanced features of your Samsung phone settings

2. Select Bluetooth device in If condition

  • Click On Add routine, in the next screen click on the If box and then click on Bluetooth device as shown below.

  • Select the Connected and click on Device to select the Bluetooth device from the paired list of Bluetooth devices on your phone.

  • Click on Done and it will save the Bluetooth device in If condition.

3. Add actions for Bixby routine

  • Click on Then

  • Select Music icon

  • Play music option let you select one of the music apps on your phone ( for example Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Samsung Music) as the default app to play songs.

  • Spotify playlists let you select your favourite Spotify playlist which will play on your Bluetooth headphones directly.

4. Finalize the Bixby routine

Click on Next and give this routine a name and click on Done.

Now just take out your Bluetooth earbuds from the case or switch on your Bluetooth headphones, Bixby will automatically start playing music on them through this Bixby routine.

Do you know that Samsung phones can play music on 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with Samsung Dual Audio feature, so party louder by playing music on 2 Bluetooth speakers.


Play music using Shortcuts on Apple iPhone

The Apple Shortcuts automations are based on the When (conditions) and Do (Actions) algorithms.

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone

Click on Automation as shown below

2. Select Bluetooth device in When condition

  • Click on Bluetooth in When Condition.

  • Select your Bluetooth Device (for example I have selected Apple AirPods Pro)

3. Select the actions

  • In the Actions screen, select Media

  • Then in the Music section of next screen, click on Play Music

4. Finalize the shortcut

Your automation will look like below in Shortcuts once configured, click on Done.

All set, as soon as your Bluetooth headphones are connected to the iPhone, you will get the notification to run the shortcut. Select run and you will see the music starts playing.

Apple Shortc