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SAP Solman 7.2 CHARM: Steps To Correct Change Document For Already Imported Transport Requests

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

If you support a customer who has implemented the transport strategy using Change Request Management in SAP Solution Manager, you might have faced issues while moving the Change documents from one state to next state.

In urgent scenarios, you might have to import the transport requests in test or prod systems manually and then would have changed the CD status manually later on. Sometimes this is straightforward but sometimes this can be really complex.

I have resolved various issues in the complex CHARM scenarios and one of the complex CHARM scenario is when the transport request is already imported in test or production system, however the CD is still in development status for some reason. The added complexity could be the missing transports in the CD which should have been assigned to the CD.

You can follow the below step by step process to check and resolve these issues.

1. Check if you can see all the transport requests associated with this Change document

You can either check the Transport management section of the Change document or check it in table /TMWFLOW/TRORD_N in Solution manager

Transport Management:


Put your Change document number in ORIGINATOR_KEY. Put * in beginning and end of the number as it takes 10 characters. If you have CD with number of digits less than 10, it enters the CD number with additional zeroes in beginning.

For example for CD as 8000001, it will enter it as 0008000001. So you will not be able to search it with exact ID as 8000001, hence search it with *8000001*

You will get the TR number in TRORDER_NUMBER field of the table once you execute the above.

2. Assign the additional Transport requests to the Change Document if missing.

Skip this step if you can see all the transport requests assigned to the change document.

If you cannot see all the transport requests attached to this CD and If you know that the Change document was already imported in test system or prod system earlier but is in wrong status now, you can find the transport requests associated with this CD by checking the import history of the managed target system by checking the transports containing the description with this Change document number.

You can also check the development managed system transports with the description containing this CD number.

For transports in Modifiable status:

Assign them directly to the CD using the transport management tab of the change document.

If Charm is unable find the transport request which you would like to assign, check the table /TMWFLOW/TRACK_N and if you cannot find TR in this table, run transaction CM_ADM_COCKPIT > Landscape Overview > Reread Transport Data Into Buffer. Follow the Step 4 of SAP Note 1820635. Once the transport data is reread, Charm should pick up this transport request to be assigned. Skip to point 3.

For transports in Released status:

You cannot assign them directly to the change document as only modifiable transport requests can only be assigned to the Change document. The TRs will not show up in "Assign Transport Request" step irrespective of its presence in table /TMWFLOW/TRACK_N as it only filters out the modifiable transport requests.

a) Change the Transport request status in Dev system from Released to Modifiable manually

Execute report RDDIT076 in the development managed system to change the transport request status from released to modifiable. Change only the transport request status and not the task status.

Now, go back to your Change document transport management section in CHARM and try to assign the transport request to your CD. You will see that CHARM is picking up this transport now in the result list , however when you click on assign transport request, it does not assign it.

Close this screen and check the Change document

Click on the task description

You will find the error Failed to modify the attribute (SAP_CTS_PROJECT) of transport request (Enter a valid attribute, use the input help).

Follow the next step to resolve it.

b) Edit the request in Se01

Input the Project (for your CHARM continual cycle) for this transport request . You can also check the project in the import history of test or prod system.

Save it.

c) Remove EXPTIMESTAMP attribute

You will get the below error as this attribute is not expected by the Transport management of the dev system for modifiable request.

Remove EXPTIMESTAMP and save it.

This will throw an error with message Number CTSPRJ043

d) Open the project status switch for your development system

This needs to be done from your Solution manager system. Open the Project status switch "Requests cannot be created" for your development system to enable the creation of transport requests.

Save the request again.

3. Change the Status of Change documents

Check the import queue of your test and production systems. It should not have the requests related to this CD in status Waiting to be imported (green box) or ready for re-import (yellow triangle). If it has green tick, you can move the Change document through CHARM, as it will not re-import the requests in subsequent systems.

However, if you see the requests in the queue waiting to be re-imported (mostly the case with urgent change requests), move the CD status manually through SAP report CRM_SOCM_SERVICE_REPORT without actually importing the transport requests.

I personally prefer running this report irrespective of the transport request status in import queue.

Run this report in se38 of your solution manager system.

You can first run it in test mode by selection List Output Only to check for any errors and then can run it in actual mode.

Execute it with Set Next Status value repeatedly until you reach the desired status of your CD.


Karl Csiszar
Karl Csiszar
Oct 18, 2023

Great doc, only thing SAP has taken away program RDDIT076 in later Basis release, which bites!


Jan 13, 2022

How can i re-import a transport request again in quality system from charm which has been successfully imported previously in the same quality system ?

Luigi Co
Luigi Co
Sep 26, 2023
Replying to

You would have to remove it from the STMS import buffer, and add it again. Afterwards, you can use Charm to reimport it again.

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