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SAP CHARM CTSPRJ043: You cannot assign any requests to project

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

There could be multiple scenarios in SAP CHARM where you would need to manually move the transports in the SAP systems due to various issues in CHARM change documents.

If there is a requirement to create a transport request in the development system directly or modify a transport request, you might come across the below error while saving the transport request in development system.

You cannot assign any requests to project

Message no. CTSPRJ043


You want to create a request in project , or assign an existing request to this project. However, you are not currently allowed to use this function for this project.

System Response

The function terminates.


Contact the system administration.


You will need to change the project status switches from your SAP Solution manager 7.2 so that requests can be created in the development system.

How to Change the Project Status switches in SAP Solution Manager 7.2?

Execute transaction CM_ADM_COCKPIT (Change Control management- Administration Cockpit) in your SAP Solution manager.

Task lists-> Continual Cycles

Select the Continual cycle relevant for your system and Click on Change CTS Status Switch for "requests cannot be created" as shown below.

Open switch , which will then turn into green.

Now, you should be able to create the transport request in the development system.

Once done, close the project status switch "Request cannot be created"


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