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How to Solve Multiple Bluetooth Devices Connectivity Issues on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

If you are new to the Samsung Galaxy phones and wandering if you can connect your phones with multiple Bluetooth devices, the good new is yes you can play music on 2 Bluetooth speakers from your Samsung phones at once.

If you have now learnt how to use it by following the above article and still facing the issues where one of the Bluetooth headphone/Speaker disconnects or you can only listen to music on one speaker despite the connectivity shown for other speaker as well, you would need to update the Samsung Media and Device feature manually.

Recently, Samsung has released the bug fixes twice for the Media and Device feature. This feature is not available in the Google Play Store update but is the Samsung proprietary which you would need to update to the latest level by checking out the below Video.

The Media and Devices updates contain the bug fixes should resolve all the issues with the multiple pairing until now.

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Amber Dee
Amber Dee
May 08, 2021

It didn't work for my a11 😔

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