How to Solve Multiple Bluetooth Devices Connectivity Issues on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

If you are new to the Samsung phones or have recently upgraded to Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy phones, you might not be aware of this cool feature in the Samsung phones, where you can play your music on 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Be it for a loud party where you want to pair 2 Bluetooth speakers and place it in different rooms and play some song on it, or be it for listening on 2 Bluetooth headphones while you are walking or running in pair. This is definitely one of the best features which Bluetooth advancements and the Android updates have delivered in the recent years.

Learn how to play songs on 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously from your Samsung Galaxy Phones in 2 minutes

If you have now learnt how to use it by following the above article and still facing the issues where one of the Bluetooth headphone/Speaker disconnects or you can only listen to music on one speaker despite the connectivity shown for other speaker as well, you would need to update the Samsung Media and Device feature manually.

Recently, Samsung has released the bug fixes twice for the Media and Device feature. This feature is not available in the Google Play Store update but is the Samsung proprietary which you would need to update to the latest level by checking out the below Video.

The recent update is version and the contained bug fixes should resolve all the issues with the multiple pairing until now.

Do let us know in the comments below if you are able to play your music successfully on 2 Bluetooth devices or not and hit like if it resolved the issues.

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