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SAP steps calculator for TCI and digitally Signed notes

Use the below form to determine:

  1. If your SAP system is enabled for digitally signed SAP notes implementation.

  2. If your SAP system's SNOTE can implement TCI notes.

  3. Steps to enable the SNOTE for TCI SAP notes.

  4. Steps to enable the SNOTE for the digitally signed SAP notes.

  5. Switch from ABAP RFC connectivity to HTTPS connectivity with SAP support backbone


Support Pack


The steps are calculated differently for the below set of SAP releases

  • SAP_BASIS release 700 to 731

  • SAP_BASIS release 740 and above


The tool will calculate the steps based on your SAP system release and the support pack, We always recommend to go through the latest version of the SAP notes mentioned in the referred blogs and any new  SAP notes released by SAP recently related to these changes.

Is your system digital signed note enabled?

Is your system TCI note enabled?

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