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Why Do I Still Use Outlook Web App On Browser In 2021?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Let's get straight to the point - If you have come to this article you would have already accessed the Microsoft Outlook application on your laptop/desktop, phone or your tablet.

You must be facing some issues while accessing the outlook application on your devices or you are just curious to know how to access the Outlook web application on the browser for other reasons.

In this Article:

I still use the Outlook web app to access my organizations mails sometimes because of the below reasons:

  1. Outlook application on my phone stops working - You might have faced the similar issue on your Outlook Android or IOS App.

  2. The Outlook application has issues on the laptop. I have faced issues sometimes after the office 365 is updated on my laptop, for example Once I was unable to send the mail to external recipients , then there were some issues in the outlook calendar once and so on.

  3. Microsoft Outlook stops working and enters into Safe mode after I kill the Not responding sessions. Sometimes I even have to restart my desktop to resolve outlook issues.

I still find some of my colleagues using the outlook web app on their phone browser rather than installing the outlook application on their phone. It could be that they get irritated with their mails notifications and don't want to go through the pain of disabling it, which is not really a pain :)

Anyways, I will give you some details below based on my experience of using OWA

How To Access Outlook Web App?

If your organization has already gone to Outlook 365 which I believe would be the case, you can access the Outlook web application using the below URL

Sign in with your Company email ID and it will take you to your organization login page where you generally login for accessing other services of your organization.

I would recommend installing the Outlook web version like an application on your laptop as explained in the last section

Is Outlook Web App better than Outlook Application Installed on your device?

The straight answer is NO as it will not be as seamless and user friendly as the installed outlook on your laptop or phone. After all the browsers do have limitations and they are not the Operating Systems which gives the full user experience as compared to the applications. You don't just use outlook for browsing but perform various tasks on the outlook like sending mails, scheduling meetings and searching mails.

I still remember struggling to download a mail and attaching it to other mail in Outlook on browser.

Nevertheless, it does not have any limitations as such as you will be able to do all the above tasks which I have mentioned in my above example. It would take some more time than you take on the installed application.

Isn't it better to spend 5 minutes more on the Outlook web application for searching specific mail rather than wasting 4 hours in troubleshooting the Outlook issue on your laptop?

Just raise a ticket for your service desk and complete your tasks in the outlook web application.

How to Use Outlook Web App like an application on your desktop?

Microsoft has enabled the web version of Outlook to be installed as a progressive web app.

Just sign in to the web version of the outlook in your browser and Click on Install Outlook.

The below screenshots are for the google chrome.

Click on three dots on chrome at top right hand side

Once it is installed, you can access it from the Start Menu of the Windows or even can pin it your taskbar.

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Jul 19, 2022

The web app is terrible. I'm just trying to read one email, and there's no way to open it. Tap, tap and hold, triple-tap, swipe -- nothing works.

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