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SAP Solman 7.2 long running Job Alerts

Updated: Mar 19, 2021


The purpose of writing this blog is to provide screen by screen procedure of enabling the long running job alerts through SAP solution manager 7.2. You can setup the alerts for long running jobs ( for example, running more than 2 hours) in sm37 of managed system.

There are sometimes requirements from the customers to enable these alerts for the critical jobs monitoring , when they would like to take some actions if there are delays in the completion of specific jobs (for example, if a certain reporting job is not finished by 8 am in morning, they would like to inform business or follow a workaround).


The managed system setup should be completed for the managed system before setting up the long running job monitoring alerts.


Below is step-by-step procedure for enabling the long running jobs alerts in solution manager 7.2 including the screenshots:

1. Open the solman_setup transaction from solution manager and select Application operations -> job monitoring

2. Complete the steps 2 and 3 reading the SAP guidelines in the setup, they are straightforward.

3. In step 4, change the mode to edit and click on create scenario as shown below.

4. Define the name of the scenario e.g <customer>_job_monitoring and provide the description. Replace <customer> with your customer name.

5. Add technical system, select Application server ABAP and select the managed system on which you want to enable the monitoring. Click continue, it will get you to review page and then click on save.

6. Click next, In the configure jobs page, click on New.

7. Select job type as ABAP job and select the technical system.

8. Select "From Managed System" button for Get job identification and click next.

9. In the job selection criteria, put the job name. For example, if I want to check the Z* jobs, put Z* and click search. If you want to put the alerts on specific Z jobs and not all the Z* jobs, select the job for example ZCA in below screenshot and click next. However, if you want to enable the alert for all Z* jobs, select "Take over Filter Criteria" which will select all jobs starting with Z. Click next.

10. You will now have the monitoring object created and will get the details of the object in the screen below. Click Edit and select Metric Configuration tab. Select the Active tick box for section duration, which will enable the alert on job duration.

You can specify the upper threshold for yellow and red alerts, for example in the screen below, it will trigger yellow alerts for Z* jobs running more than 90 mins and red alerts for Z* jobs running more than 120 mins.

11. In the alert setting and data collection, you can specify the total number of instances of the jobs which it will retain and the data collection frequency of the jobs metrics. For example, in the screenshot below, it will have 12 instances of Z* jobs at a time and will collect the metrics every 10 mins from the managed system.

12. Maintain the email IDs to which the alerts should be sent in the Incidents and Notifications tab and save it.

13. Now, select the monitoring object and Click on Mass generate and activate.

14. You can check the job alerts in the job monitoring work center under Job Management.

e.g for SAP* jobs , monitor is as follows.

Further details:

You can set the long running job alerts by following the above procedure , however you can check out the SAP guide for job monitoring for any further details on the sections and criteria for job monitoring.

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