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How to Configure The Work Modes In SAP Solman 7.2 - Steps and Tricks

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

SAP Solution manager work modes are being used frequently by the SAP administrators and SAP Solman consultants to suspend the monitoring alerts of the monitored systems for any maintenance tasks or setting up the daily monitoring hours of the system.

SAP has redesigned the IT calendar work center with the easy interface in the latest SPS of the Solution manager 7.2 to create the work modes of multiple systems in a click and easily manage them without the hassle of selecting the systems again and again.

The work modes of the monitored system can be set up in Technical administration work center of the Solution manager, the below steps would guide you easily on adding, modifying and deleting the work modes.

How to access the work modes?

  1. Launch the work center launchpad using t-code : sm_workcenter

  2. Select Technical Administration section.

  3. Click on tile IT Calendar and Work Modes.

  4. This will open a new Window where you can search for the systems in Ext system ID field and then select all the systems on which you need to set/create/delete the work modes.

How to set the Work modes?

1. Once you are in the IT calendar work center with your selected systems, select the systems from the filtered list for which same work mode needs to be set and Click on Create->Work Modes

2. You will get the Work mode screen with all the systems you selected in previous screen. Enter title, Start and End date and time, Type and Timezone for the workmode.

3. Click on Save

How to change the configured Work modes?

1. In the IT Calendar work center, click on the work mode which you want to change and click on open icon.

2. For the work mode which is not yet started, you can change anything in that. However, for the work mode which has already started you can only change the end date and time.

How to delete the configured Work modes?

Work modes not yet started:

Select the work mode in IT calendar and click on delete and confirm. The selected work mode will get deleted

Already started (running) work modes:

You cannot delete the running work modes and if you try to delete those, you will get the below error:

Deletion is not possible; workmode is in process

Hence there is no option to delete the running work mode, however you can do it simply by following this quick trick:

Open the work mode and change the end date and time to the next minute of your current time zone and save it. By doing this, you have deleted the work mode by simply ending it.


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