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Bixby Routine Can Schedule a Daily and Weekly Text message

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Samsung's phone assistant Bixby is the best phone assistant among the phones today due to its flawless integration with the Samsung apps in the Samsung One UI. It excels in the area of the phone automations with Bixby routines and is way ahead of the Apple Siri and the Shortcuts.

The Bixby routines are well designed and improved regularly with the One UI updates while Apple still has restrictions on the Shortcuts app where the normal user cannot enable the most useful automations on the phone without being tech Savvy on the scripting.

We have discovered one of the most useful Bixby routines which you can set on your Samsung phone while exploring the Bixby features.

This routine can schedule the daily and weekly messages to particular contacts and ask your permission before sending it. So your phone is ready with the messages content and just needs your confirmation.

Some of the benefits of this routine are given in the examples below:

  • Send a good morning text to your partner daily at a particular time.

  • Send a weekly reminder message to your friend on Saturday night for the Sunday's match.

  • Booking a conference room every Thursday by sending a message on Monday to your office reception.

This is not a straight forward Bixby pre-defined routines like the before Bed and driving routines which appear on the discover screen of the Bixby routines settings. It involves a 2 step procedure by first creating a quick command and then using that command in Bixby routine.

Step 1 - Create a Quick Command

You will need to create a Quick Command for Bixby to send a particular text message.

Access the Quick Commands by pressing Bixby button on your phone and accessing Bixby menu on top left of Bixby screen.

What you say to Bixby?

You can either type in this or speak to Bixby by pressing Mic button.

For example, you can type anything out of below, Bixby will do actions based on this command whenever you give this command to Bixby

  1. Send good morning message to wife.

  2. Send match reminder to friend.

  3. Book meeting room on Thursday

What Bixby does?

Click on Add a command

Again, you can either say a command or type a command for Bixby. Type is probably a good option since it eliminates any probability of Bixby missing on words with your voice.

Examples below, replace the words in italics with your contacts names:

For good morning to wife type below:

Send a message to wife saying Good morning dear, have a lovely day.

For match reminder to friend type below:

Send a message to John saying I will pick you up at 6 tomorrow morning.

The screen will look like below once you have typed in.

Before you save, click on Run and the Bixby will do a test run for you. Once you are ok with the results, click on save.

Step 2 - Create the Bixby routine

Access the Bixby routines in the Advanced features of your Samsung phone settings

Click on If

You can select Specific time which will give you an option to select the days of the week and particular time. For example select Monday to Friday 8 am to send good morning message to your wife.

You can also select the auto detected mode like Wake-up time and Before bed time. These are the auto detected times determined by your phone usage pattern and daily habits. For this, you don't have to select any time. You must try these as I found them to be pretty accurate.

Once you select the time or auto detected time, click on then

Select Bixby Voice and in next screen, select Run quick command.

Then select the quick command that you saved in Step 1.

Click on next, name your Bixby routine and save it.

The routine is enabled now and at the time of the routine, it will ask you for your confirmation to send the message.

Review your message and then click on send or cancel.

I hope you don't forget your daily and weekly wishes and reminders with this routine :)


Parag Bhargava
Parag Bhargava
Apr 14, 2023

Bixby is using SIM1 (physical Sim) to send text. how can i make bixby to use sim2 (eSIM) to send text


May 23, 2022

Another way to do this is via the CommuniqAI app—more functionality, no confirmation required if desired and you can easily randomize your messages.


Jan 03, 2022

The same can be done with shortcuts on iPhone but it also asks before sending a message for confirmation. Can you setup this on Bixby Routines in a way that it sends a message without the need for confirmation ?


Nov 17, 2021

Hi! Is there a way to send the message without the need for confirmation? Thanks in advance

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