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6 Ultimate Work From Home Gadgets For Productivity

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Ultimate work from home gadgets
Invest in essential gadgets for peace of your body and mind

Almost every organization in 2021 has introduced the remote work policy and already investing on the ways to improve the hybrid working environment.

While the remote work vs office presence is always a debatable topic productivity perspective but there is no denying the fact that remote work is here to stay for long.

We are going to share the must have essential work from home products which will not only increase your productivity and at the same time give you flexibility while working from home.

The below products will provide you the same environment as your office and definitely improve the ergonomics keeping your body posture correct and active.

While you can still buy the wired accessories for your office desk but we will not recommend buying it as the wireless devices have been in market since a decade now and have surpassed the wired technology in terms of speed and response.

The wireless devices not only keep your desk clean but also prevent the risks of hazardous incidents due to tangling of wires.

1. Keyboard and mouse:

Let's start with the basic and the most important accessories first.

When it comes to the computer accessories, no one can beat the Logitech for its keyboard and mouse.

Best Wireless keyboard and mouse combo:

The Logitech MK345 wireless combo is the best keyboard and mouse combo which is not only cheap but also have the ergonomic design for the comfortable typing with keyboard and smooth tracking with mouse.

Note: If you don't have either of the mouse or keyboard and looking to buy both of them, we would recommend going for the combo as it would be a much cheaper option

Best wireless mouse:

Logitech M510 is the Amazon's choice in the wireless mouse category which has over 20,000 ratings on Amazon and has the highest recommendations. Logitech claims 2 years of battery life for this mouse.

High-end keyboard:

Logitech Mx Keys keyboard is one of the best keyboards released by Logitech in the master series. This keyboard has the spherical shaped keys to suit the fingertips along with the backlit illumination, and is definitely one of the smartest innovation. It is Android, iOS and Windows compatible and you can pair it to up to 3 devices at a time.

2. Headset

The second most important gadget that you should have in your home workplace is the headset to take calls as you know that virtual meeting is the new way to meet people in these hard times. Your headset should not only have the background noise reduction in the mic but also gives you flexibility at the same time.

No one can beat the Jabra headsets when it comes to the office calls with Skype for Business or the MS teams. Jabra has the required software which you can install in your desktop to configure the headset with the default apps and the customizations.

Jabra Evolve 2 65 is the best headset for the office meetings with a range of 30 meters. Now you can take your office calls, attend meetings or listen to any sessions while walking in your home. You can also plug in this to your TV using android box and directly listen to the audio of your TV on this Bluetooth headset.

3. Monitors

It is not at all advisable to work on a laptop for long hours from ergonomics point of view. You should invest in a good monitor which keeps your body posture correct and prevents any neck, shoulder or hands pain

Best economic monitor:

HP V222vb FHD is the perfect monitor to start with as this is cheap and have all the adjusting features required for the eye care and the alignment. It has the good refresh rate suitable for your daily office work. It comes with HDMI connectivity and is VESA compatible as well, so you can use two monitors as well for your work on the VESA mount.

4. Laptop stands

If you are one of those who is not comfortable in using a monitor screen or you have space constraints or would like to use laptop along with the monitor, we would highly recommend to invest in a good laptop stand like Soundance laptop stand which will keep the laptop at the eye level and at the same time prevents your laptop from overheating by keeping the air circulated.

5. Foot rest

The foot rest also becomes an essential accessory for you on a desk job when you have spend long hours sitting in front of the computer screen. It helps in reducing any pain or pressure on your lower back and hips which could develop over time.

Comfilife foot rest is the best seller on Amazon and has a lot of positive reviews.

6. Power strip surge protector:

This is probably the most overlooked accessory in which the professionals do not invest while it could one of the most important accessory that you should always consider while working from home. You need to connect multiple chargers for your workstation including at least your laptop charger, monitor cable and phone charger. The number of devices definitely increases with personal choice, for example you might want to use 2 monitors, a laptop cooling station, desk fan or a lamp as well.

GE power surge protector can safeguard your devices and appliances from the overload, short circuits or fluctuations.


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