Apple NZ Black Friday Deals Live Now For 4 Days - Shop Until Cyber Monday

Apple NZ has revealed the Black Friday deals for year 2019 on their website today. This is the only time of the year when Apple offers the gift cards on purchase of their products. As expected, they have not released any offers on the latest Apple iPhones or Airpods. But you get some decent offers on the last year models. If you are an Apple fan and loves iOS ecosystem, this is the right time to buy the products. Compare the Apple NZ Black Friday deals 2019 with last year deals iPhone Deals Apple NZ is offering a gift card of NZ $80 on purchase of iPhone XR and iPhone 8. You will also get 1 year free subscription of Apple TV+. Unfortunately there are no deals on this year models - iPhone 11,

Samsung NZ Boxing Day Sale 2019 on Galaxy S10,S10+, Note 10, Note 10+ Phones Right Now

Samsung NZ has announced the Boxing Day deals in New Zealand on their flagship phones, which includes both Galaxy and Note series, so if you are looking to upgrade your phone, this is the best time of year 2019 to buy. Bundle deal by Samsung NZ Samsung NZ is also celebrating the Galaxy's 10th Anniversary by offering a bundle deal including Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB with a cover, Galaxy Buds and a Galaxy Watch Active2 with two extra straps. This comes for just NZ $2199 , which means you just add NZ $300 to the RRP of Note 10+ (NZ $1899). This bundle offer is available until 6th January 2020 . Galaxy Watch Active Free with S10/S10+ and Note 10/Note 10+ by Samsung NZ Purchase any Samsung Galaxy

Apple NZ Black Friday 2019 Announcement -4 Days Shopping Event : Compared With Other Deals

Apple NZ Black Friday deals are live now Apple NZ has just announced the 4 days shopping event in New Zealand from Black Friday till Cyber Monday. This is the only time when Apple NZ runs any offers on their website, so gear up and book your calendar now. About Apple Shopping Event There is not much revealed by Apple NZ about the offers yet , however it gives an idea that it will offer a gift card of up to value NZ $320 on purchase of Apple products. Going by the history of offers in 2017 and 2018, we predict that Apple again might not offer any discounts on their products, however will offer the gift cards of certain value depending on the products. As always, there might not be any offers

How To Score 79+ In PTE : 9 Steps Preparation Guide By 90 Points Scorer

I have recently cracked the PTE exam in October 2019 with the overall score of 90 and below score in each section. This was my second attempt of PTE within 11 days of my first attempt. I thought of sharing my PTE preparation experience and how did I sail through my 2 months journey from overall score of 62 in my first PTE practice test ( total practice tests:3) to overall score of 90 ( 2nd PTE exam). I had gone through the youtube videos mentioned in this blog for preparation and had missed some videos and important tips while appearing for the first exam. I have put 2 months preparation journey in the chronological order of learning that I had experienced so that you could benefit from it.

Display Google Ads in Wix Blog Posts- How To Add Google Adsense Code?

We have recently created a blogging website on Wix and got our Google Adsense activated. Though we were able to place the Google ads on our website pages by adding Google Adsense app developed by Wix, but the app doesn't work in the Wix Blog posts. After an initial struggle and some research, we finally got successful in placing the Google Adsense code in the Wix Blogs by modifying the code snippet, as suggested by Wix in one of the recent fixes. I have been part of the various online Forums including Google and Wix where bloggers have expressed the concern that they are not able to place the Google Ads in their blogs, so I thought of writing a blog having the step by step process of placing

ORA-19501: read error on file, block number ;ORA-01115: IO error reading block from file

Recently, we got an issue in our SAP system where the SAP standard job SAP_PERIODIC_ORACLE_SNAPSHOT was failing every hour with system dump DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR. The dump had the database error text as Database error text........: "ORA-01115: IO error reading block from file (block # )#ORA-01110: data file 30: '/oracle/<SID>/sapdata1/sr3_23/sr3.data23'#ORA-27072: File I/O error#Solaris-AMD64 Error: 5: I/O error#Additional information: 4#Additional We suspended the SAP job SAP_PERIODIC_ORACLE_SNAPSHOT following SAP notes 1369716 and 1080813 which resolved the dumps and system logs issue however, these errors pointed more towards the data block corruption level, which required further investiga

SAP support portal not available -Maintenance Schedule

SAP schedules minimal maintenance activities on the backbone systems which may result in the unavailability of the SAP support portal services, One support Launchpad ,SAP service marketplace etc. Generally, SAP broadcasts a user message on the portal advising the users about the current maintenance activity in progress which might impact the users while accessing the support portal for searching SAP notes, opening the OSS connections, registering SAP licenses etc. It gets really frustrating when you are in middle of a critical activity for which you need to apply a fix by implementing the SAP note or by referring the SAP KBAs for the resolution of the issues. Also, you cannot access the SAP

SAP Solman 7.2 long running Job Alerts

Purpose The purpose of writing this blog is to provide screen by screen procedure of enabling the long running job alerts through SAP solution manager 7.2. You can setup the alerts for long running jobs ( for example, running more than 2 hours) in sm37 of managed system. There are sometimes requirements from the customers to enable these alerts for the critical jobs monitoring , when they would like to take some actions if there are delays in the completion of specific jobs (for example, if a certain reporting job is not finished by 8 am in morning, they would like to inform business or follow a workaround). Pre-requisites The managed system setup should be completed for the managed system b

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