SAPJVM update procedure using SUM with Screenshots

Purpose The purpose of writing this blog is to provide screen by screen procedure of the sapjvm patch update using the SUM (Software Update Manager) tool. SAP has now replaced all the deployment tools for java based systems with one standard tool which is SUM to update the patches. If you want to switch to sapjvm 4.1 from vendor jdk using sapjvm switch tool, please refer to below blog Sapjvm 4.1 switch procedure Check Existing sapjvm build version and compatibility 1434916- How to find out the SAP JVM build version The compatibility of sapjvm version with the netweaver release can be checked from the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) Download Patches and SUM tool

How To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence - 4 ways

To survive the cutting edge competition and do exceedingly well in the corporate environment it is extremely imperative to be emotionally intelligent professional. This was a term introduced by Daniel Goleman in 1995. It matters more than IQ and is referred to as EQ (Emotional Quotient) or EIQ (Emotional Intelligent Quotient). It induces the capability to understand your own emotions and ability to tweak it in the light of changing situation (time or people) to achieve one’s goal(s). Ways to develop Emotional Intelligence – Self-Awareness – Knowing your own emotional state of mind and learning how to manage it. Channelizing your Emotions – Channelize your negative emotions. Understanding how

SAP Security Advisory – Securely Configuring SAP Gateway and SAP Message Server - Easy Explanation

Purpose SAP has issued a recent security advisory mail to the customers in May 2019 with subject line " SAP Security Advisory – Patch Your SAP Landscape and Ensure Secure Configuration" to remind the customers of implementing the gateway and message server security recommendations already provided by SAP long time ago. You can check the advisory at below URL SAP security advisory notice The purpose of writing this blog is to provide the list of tasks that need to be performed in order to ensure the successful implementation of SAP recommendations and provide a better understanding of gateway related ACL files reginfo and secinfo implementation with minimum risk SAP Notes and related paramete

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